What holds you back to do a handstand without fear and effortlessly?
When done correctly, handstands strengthen every single muscle in your body. Absolutely anyone can do a handstand. The strength and balance achieved with handstands can enable you to perform other physical activities or sports you may do and increases power, posture and core stability. The aerial swing offers numerous ways to get into classic yoga inversions. Whether your goal is to do a handstand with little assistance in the middle of the room you want to do a fully supported handstand so you can focus on finer details of alignment, or you just hang out in a downward facing dog with a little less pressure, the aerial swing has something for everyone.
A handstand practice is extremely valuable to any mind body practice. Gaining the strength and flexibility necessary to achieve it dramatically improves your ability to move in any plane. In this workshop, you will be taught progressive moves that eventually lead to a fully unsupported handstand. You can get the feel of doing it without actually having the upper body strength necessary for doing the handstand without the swing.
During this workshop we will learn key steps to increase wrist and grip strength along with shoulder mobility to make handstands and aerial practice more stable and safe. We will learn techniques in the hammock and on the floor to get into and sustain handstands.
If you are scared of this pose, remember, choosing love over fear will always benefit your own happiness. You can do it if you believe you can!